Pharmacist Assistant (Post-Basic) – Medirite White River Apply

Employment Subtleties

Shutting Date


Reference Quantity


Employment Title

Drug specialist Aide (Put up-Basic) – Medirite White Waterway

Employment Kind


Space – Nation

South Africa

Space – Territory


Space – City or Metropolis


Motivation behind the Exercise

To assist the drug specialist in apportioning and to carry out drug retailer associated regulatory obligations.

To ensure and sustain vital ranges of client loyalty by giving nice shopper help.

Key Execution territories embrace: Inventory management, Administering (below administration of drug specialist), Group, Housekeeping and Frontshop administration

Occupation Advert Subtleties

Occupation Classification


Occupation Targets

• Inventory management

• Administering (below administration of drug specialist)

• Group

• Housekeeping

• Frontshop administration


Drug specialist Aide – Put up Basic

• Certified as publish important drug specialist colleague

• Enlisted as a publish elementary drug specialist associate with drug retailer committee


• Two years’ understanding as a learner in a drug retailer

Info and Skills

• Apportioning info

• Info on apportioning frameworks and requesting frameworks

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